Prices and Fees

Charges are based on an hourly fee.


Aerial photography:      $800 per hour of air time

Ground photography:   $300 per hour within the Corpus Christi area


I do not accept credit cards


For more information, please contact us.

What you get

Depending on what the customer needs and length of session, I will normally shoot 20 to 200 photos. The customer will then receive the resulting photo files within a day or two either by e-mail or on a CD. 


Prints are available. See below.

Prints from photo sessions:

Prices below do not include shipping charges  
5" x 7" print $ 5.00
8" x 10" print $ 8.00
11" x 14" print $ 18.00
13" x 19" Matte finish $ 25.00
Larger: contact us  

Best Of Show 2013


Olympus Dawn